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The legendary Jesse H. Jones remains a forefather of many of the architects credited for shaping Houston's downtown landscape since the days of urbanization. A visionary in his time, Jones foresaw a future of prosperity in which Houston would develop into a vital, bustling center for business, commerce, and the arts. He oversaw the construction of many spectacular buildings that would endure and reflect his vision of the future.

Nicknamed "Mr. Houston" by his peers, Jones was not only a builder but also a banker, publisher and political leader throughout his lifetime. He advised President Franklin D. Roosevelt about the economy during the Great Depression and served the Red Cross during both World Wars. In 1928, he built the Commerce Building, considered to be his architectural crowning achievement.

Today, the recently renovated and rehabilitated Commerce Building now houses Commerce Towers, Downtown Houston's premier residential location. Immediate occupancy in our luxury high-rise condominium building is now available! You are invited to view an integral part of Houston's history and future.

"Success is measured by the service you render and the character of citizen you make rather than by the amount of money you amass."

Jesse H. Jones 

"Jones is the only man in Washington who can say yes and no intelligently twenty-four hours a day."

Franklin D. Roosevelt